Help others by share your knowledge about alternative medicine -

help yourself by watching what others have used alternative medicine

What is this about ?

First, thanks for stopping by. It shows that you are an empathetic human we believe.

This idea is built on helping as many people as possible. This page and the forum is part of a larger project that will contribute to getting approved several alternative medicals on a global scale.

You may read more here soon but to put it simple the idea is that; as a user you share your experiences with the use of alternative medicine and alternative medicine and others share there experiences. When we share experiences we can get an insight into what others have used against their suffering. That way we can help each other.

By sharering knowledge it is also possible to collect experience and pass it on to eg universities who can make the studies believed necessary to obtain approval for alternative medicine - so by sharing you can help doctors to help you.

Our hope is that by sharing your experiences, you give us the opportunity to help more people to become healthy. Help us to help research so that we can eradicate as many diseases as possible.